Saturday 20/09/2014

Well Liverpool lost to West Ham Utd 😦 so I’m going out with mates for a few beers and forget all about it lol
Gonna get wasted 😀


Thursday 18/09/2014

We were very lucky vs Ludogorets on Tuesday night in our 1st UEFA champions league match of the season. But we were the only Premier League team to win & bag all 3 pts lmao 😀
Even met a woman in Leigh Arms, called Clare, but she wasn’t 100% compes mentis. Thought she was in need of serious psychiatric help not a one-nighter, hahaha!!!
Lovely indian summer at the moment – sun is cracking the flags. Current temp is 22℃ 😄
Well I’m staying up till the early morning to see how the #indyref goes lol Pulling what Twitter is calling an #indyrefallnighter.
Well the result is in & the UK is still a reality 😄 👍