My letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons on the Universal Credit lies

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Yet again UK government ministers, having painted themselves into a corner, have tried to manoeuvre out of trouble by misleading other MPs and the general public.

Readers of this blog – and its writer – were disgusted (although not surprised) to hear Iain Duncan Smith protesting innocence on behalf of his absent employment minister, Esther McVey, in a statement and short debate on Universal Credit in the House of Commons yesterday (July 9).

We have all endured too much of this. It is time honesty – or at least, more of it than is currently evident – returned to the corridors of power.

With this in mind – in hope more than expectation – I have written to John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, to request action. He chairs debates; it seems likely that he should be the one who puts and end to dishonest practices. The letter runs…

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Tuesday, 09/07/2014

Had a very lazy day, lie in, junk food and coffee! Lots & lots of coffee!!! But now I’m ready for the #Brasil2014WC semi b’twn Brasil & Germany. Plus a few beers, of course lol
The build up is on BBC1 now – hope it’ll be a mouthwatering game & the Brazilians taking the spoils 😉
Well just goes to show I can’t pick a winner in a two horse race 😠 Now find myself wanting Germany to score more goals, wtf!!! The words ‘two-faced’ spring to mind lol
Considering Germany have been lacklustre up to date they have clinically taken Brasil apart.
Had a few bottles of Savannah at quid a bottle in Moes – cheap as chips but the shit has hit the fan. This lady has been messing with someone other than her BF lol

I know the photos shit but I am undercover lol