Russian gold medallists kiss on podium in protest at country’s ‘anti-gay’ laws


Saturday, 10/08/2013

Looking like I’ll not be getting any sleep again 😦 still I can update my blog lol I’ve been watching a few movies this week – last Sunday watched ‘The Conjuring’ which made me jump about 6x pmsl.
Wednesday went to watch ‘Percy Jackson’ which I really enjoyed & 2nite I saw ‘The Lone Ranger’ which was pretty funny, Johnny Depp is quite camp but funny as Tonto.
Thursday got the all clear from kidney specialist to go on holiday – so Albufeira, Portugal here we come lmfao. We’ll be getting mortal & tashing-on on the Albufeira Bar Crawl (Geordie Shore style) ;D I’ll post pic’s when we have them.
Hope you all have a great weekend folk’s & let’s be careful out there pmfsl ;D

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Sunday, 4/8/2013

Enjoying a pint of Hobgoblin in Goose with Tony Mullery – lovely beer, puts hairs on your chest lol so try to avoid it ladies pmsl.
Had a gr8 night last night – unexpected night out with the lovely Chelle (FB babe) ;D
Currently looking forward to the Sunday sess with my posse – chat about holidays. Booked for Albufiera, Portugal for early Sept & everyone says how great it is – cannot fucking wait ;D
Chat later people – off to enjoy rest of my weekend xx

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