Monday, 22/07/2013

Woke really early but did manage to get some sleep lol. I’m still getting msg’s from my FB babe even though she has a ‘BF’ šŸ˜‰ – now she wants to meet up for a drink. Defo looking like a FWB or fuck buddy kind of deal pmfsl. Should I be good & fend her off – keep it just friends, or say fuck it & jump in? :-/
Anyway got things to do & people to see. L8r’s

Well had to head to Manchester to sort out some business. But all sorted now. Off to cinema to watch Pacific Rim </em.
Film was really entertaining lol. Story was a bit bizarre but the CGI monsters & robots were brilliant.
FB babe hook up is so on – will give an update after meet on Thursday. Wish me luck pmfsl ;D

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