Tuesday, 30/07/2013

Met up with FB babe on Thursday aft – had a lovely chat & a few drinks lol. But she’s playing hard to get lmao – still all the fun is in the chase 😉
Had a gr8 wknd with friends & holiday has finally been booked – off to Albufiera, Portugal, looking forward to 7 days of beer, babes & beaches!! Gonna be a fucking blast.
Off to cinema shortly to watch ‘Despicable Me 2 3D’ – need a laugh. Saw ‘Wolverine 3D’ earlier in week – good film, more story led than previous X-men movies.
Catch you all l8r ;D

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Tuesday, 23/7/13

Only got to bed @ half 4 😦 so ended up sleeping late. CC app has arrived – so will make booking hols easier. Roll on Balearics in Sept :D.
FB babe is well up for our meet – only having a drink & a chat. See how things go ;). Think she appreciates being treated with respect & like an equal. Find out Thursday if her BF is doing same, but I’m guessing the answers NO!!! lmfao.
Advantage moi methinks.
Off to Cineworld again l8r to watch a premier of The Heat with Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy – let you know if it’s any good.

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Monday, 22/07/2013

Woke really early but did manage to get some sleep lol. I’m still getting msg’s from my FB babe even though she has a ‘BF’ 😉 – now she wants to meet up for a drink. Defo looking like a FWB or fuck buddy kind of deal pmfsl. Should I be good & fend her off – keep it just friends, or say fuck it & jump in? :-/
Anyway got things to do & people to see. L8r’s

Well had to head to Manchester to sort out some business. But all sorted now. Off to cinema to watch Pacific Rim </em.
Film was really entertaining lol. Story was a bit bizarre but the CGI monsters & robots were brilliant.
FB babe hook up is so on – will give an update after meet on Thursday. Wish me luck pmfsl ;D

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Sunday, 21/07/2013

Well party time with the FB babe is off – after 3 days of cyber flirting she drops the bomb that she’s in a relationship. Cheers for letting me waste my fucking time. Immediate downgrade to potential fuck buddy or FWB, whichever lmfao ;D

Her excuse “I thought you knew!!!” Like I’d be talking dirty and trying laugh you into bed if I knew you were seeing someone – don’t think so. Grrrr!! Fucking women 😦

Ah well back to the beaver hunt lmfao looking on bright side it’s useful practice 😉

Saturday, 20/07/2013

Had a quiet day because I had another bout of insomnia 😦 As a result I missed the day sess in Manc for Sean’s b’day, shit!!
Still been FB flirting with the 33 yr old – pity she had to work so no Saturday night hook up. But defo think sex is on the cards soon lol.
Guys night out morn and we need to sort summer hol out. Ibiza or Mallorca is destination but need agree resort & hotel. Then it’ll be just looking forward to the party lmao ;D
PS almost forgot my EPL team Liverpool won their friendly against an Indonesia XI 2-0 lmfao ;D

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